How to create a collaborative publication using WordPress

Recently, I’ve been trying to build a collaborative platform for tech articles called The Tech Bytes. I’ll post a link to the blog when it is up, but it’s different from this blog in the sense that it is collaborative and anyone can post anything. I’ve always been blessed to be able to write for my own independent platform, and I’ve wanted to share this privilege with others.

Here’s a brief tutorial on how to build a collaborative platform with WordPress to have a shared blog:

1. Have a WordPress website up and running

This step is a prerequisite. Luckily, it’s not that difficult to build a WordPress website! You can see how at the below link:

How to build your website

2. Visit wp-admin

Head over to your WordPress admin. Hopefully, you’re already familiar with how WP-ADMIN works, but if not, it’s okay! Just head over to and log in. Once you’re in, you should see something like this:

3. In the sidebar, go to Settings-> General

Once here, find the box that says “Anyone Can Register” and enable it. Once enabled, scroll down and hit “update”. You can now accept guest posts!

How to accept guest posts:

Now that your blog can accept guest posts, you’re going to want to know how exactly your contributors will contribute.

1. They make a WordPress account

First, tell your contributors to head over to -> Log In -> Sign in. They can opt in to sign in with Google if they’d like.

2. They head over to your WP-Admin

Now, tell your users to visit Here, they can make a login just for your website.

After registering, the user will need to create a password from the email that got sent to them:

3. They log in to WP-Admin

Now, tell your user to visit and login with the password that they just created.

4. Submit a post for review:

Get your user to head over to “Posts” -> “Add New”.

That will take them to this page:

And they can submit the post for review with the blue button on the side bar!

4. Approve their post :

If you think their post matches the quality of your blog, head over to your own WP-Admin, and go to “Posts”. You’ll see their submission at the very top, and you can go ahead and just click post!


That’s it! As always, if you have any questions, feel free to let me know. I encourage you all to create collaborative platforms for whatever passions you have.