Replacing the battery on a MacBook Pro

Note: This tutorial is much shorter than most others on The Millibit, however due to popular request, I’ve decided to create a post solely about battery replacement.

If you’re wondering why I still use a 2011 Mac Book Pro, see how to speed up your computer by 300%—in summary, it’s a great laptop that I’ve sped up to be used conventionally. Recently, however, the computer was facing myriad battery problems, and I had to replace the battery.  I already covered replacing the hard drive and the RAM in the linked article, but the battery is one part that I have yet to cover.


Why I replaced my battery.

  • My Mac would randomly shut off at 40%
  • It’s cycle count was high:

  • The battery would last me 45 minutes maximum (on a full charge!)
  • I had a “Service Battery” warning on my computer
  • After diagnosing my battery with coconutBattery, I was shocked to see that my battery could only hold less than half of its full design capacity:

System Information

Here’s some information about my system in particular, however this tutorial is not exclusive to just my system.

Here’s how I found a compatible battery for my mac. I looked at the bottom of my computer for the model number:

I then looked up this model number to find compatible batteries, and I wanted at least 5,000 mAh in my battery. For comparison, my phone has a 3,000 mAh battery, and it has a smaller display and less computing power.

Lucky for me, since my device is 8 years old, the battery part was very cheap. Computer parts always decay in price over time, which is another reason why it’s so great to use an old customized machine.

Actual Replacement

  1. Buy a battery and have it in front of you. This is a fragile piece of hardware, so don’t throw it around and treat it with care!
  2. Open up the back of your computer using a Philips screwdriver. There should be around 10 screws, make sure you don’t lose them!Notice the big black rectangular piece at the bottom right of the picture above (it says I-Quick on it). That’s the battery! Look at how destroyed it looks! It’s expanded and a little leaky. If this is the case for you too, try wearing gloves for the next step.
  3. Unscrew the screws that keep the battery in place and remove the battery. You’ll have to first unplug the battery connector that connects the battery into the actual computer. I’ve highlighted where this would be in the following images:
    This is the battery connector that you can just take out.

    This is the battery taken out
  4. Now, the same way you took the old battery out, put the new battery in! Make sure you reconnect the battery connector so that your battery can actually supply your computer with power!

Here’s the final shot of how it looked with my battery inside again! You can also see a fancy SSD in the bottom left and 16GB of upgraded RAM right above that battery. With all these modifications, your mac should be running good as new!


Here’s what coconutBattery has to say about my battery now: